God desires to be known as He truly exists! 
God's intention has always been to reside in the midst of His people on earth 
and reveal Himself to them and through them. God is Light,  and God is Love.  

These attributes  are critical to the composition of 
God's people and serve as the Heart of Community! 

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The Glory of God in Community.
The Forerunner Ministry

The Necessity of Elders

in the Local Church
Visitors from around the globe
are hearing the message of 

The Forerunner Ministry

The Born Again Identity is posted to the website 
on the  Forerunner Frequency page.

The studio sessions are designed to 
systematically present a topic and convey 
truth that will uplift, build and mature 
believers who desire to study the Word of God.

"Overcoming the Orphan Spirit"  is a foundational teaching that will assist the believer in establishing an accurate, effective perception and intimate relationship with God.

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An indespensable  teaching for a true believer's foundation, Realizing the Transition has been posted 
on the  Forerunner Frequency.  

God works according to the New Covenant He has established while most believers still operate in an Old Testament mindset.

Listen to learn how to 
Realize the Transition!
The Essential Prophetic Nature of the Church is now posted in the  Understanding and Implementing the Prophetic in the Church series.  (click the link to go to the series page!)

The true Church was purchased by Jesus Christ with His own blood. He is the Head of His Church.  His Body is to share in His Nature - A key component of 

that Nature is that it is prophetic!
The Forerunner Community
Father is not interested in punishing you for your sins!
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