All communities begin and are ultimately established by forging biblical  relationships with individuals who are desiring to live out authentic, New Testament Christianity.  As connections are made, graces, giftings and callings of God are identified within the lives of people and they are trained, taught and encouraged to function accordingly as the Body of Christ in the community in which they reside.  Eventually, those couples with pastoral giftings and graces and who desire to be elders in the Church are recognized and a community is naturally established where care, nurture and fellowship exist. 

From time to time, there are combined gatherings, fellowships, worship gatherings, teaching gatherings and various other functions which the entire Body is encouraged to attend.  But the core principal is always the development of relationships and doing life together in the Spirit of our King!

That's about it.  No high powered marketing program trying to get you to visit our latest, new, state-of-the-art facility.  There is no membership card for you to sign.  Our desire is to get to know you, help form Christ in you and provide some life-long relationships to help you get to know our Father in a greater way. Oh, yeah, we eat together quite a bit, too!

Have an interest in participating in a gathering in your town?  Do you desire to start a community in your city or neighborhood?              Do you have any questions or would you like more information?  Simply email us and we will make           sure to get in touch with you!

Keep your peace!

Institutional church?     House church?       Organic church?       Simple church?       Emerging church?

Whew!  It all seems a bit too complex and hard to figure out, doesn't it?  No wonder people are bailing out of "church" at a record pace!  Ever notice all the activity in "church" and nothing ever really getting done?

Jesus identified His Church as an 'ekklesia' or a called out people. The Father has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in Whom we have our redemption through His blood,
which means the forgiveness of our sins. (Colossians 1:13)

The Church is a nation of people who are empowered by the Holy
Spirit in the New Covenant to love their Heavenly Father, love
one another and walk in the earth as a testimony of His great
love to other nations.

So, Church is not something you "go" to or something you "do" but
rather Church is something you are!  The Church gathers in order to fellowship, encourage one another and build one another up in the faith.  These gatherings are not resigned to Sunday mornings.  The Church does not just meet in houses.  The Church in communities does life together.  The Church can meet for dinner; just two or three couples or families.  The Church can meet for Bible Study at a coffee house.  The Church can go to a neighbor's house and fix their fence or do yard-work. 

The qualifying characteristic of the Church is the Life of God in their midst.  There is no need for a building, programs, staff or even taking up offerings.  The Church lives according to the Life and Spirit of their King and all are subject to His authority.  It is truly no longer about the "form" but it is simply about the people of God entering into the power of relationship with God as Father and with one another as the Body of Christ.
Over the past 10 years or so, a ministry team has been assembled in McKinney, Texas to build Kingdom communities. Most of our faith communities are in the North Texas - Collin County area; McKinney, Plano, Allen, Josephine, Princeton, etc.  However, the ministry team has also worked apostolically in forming faith communities across the United States and continues to relate with those other communities and ministry teams.