God desires His people to be edified, exhorted
and matured according to the Spirit of Christ.  The introduction to this series realizes that the spirit of prophecy is the means by which the  Body of Christ is built up and strengthened.

Learn what the scripture teaches regarding true New Testament prophetic ministry and the role that it plays in advancing the spiritual progress of God's people!

In the second installment of this series, majesty is defined as, "the diversity of a thing while retaining its one-ness". 

This teaching reveals how that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of all things Old Testament and reveals the majesty of God as New Testament prophecy is active in the Body of Christ.

Realizing the Transition explains how the Old Testament functions of Prophet, Priest and King were transitioned by Christ into New Testament functions.

As 'joint heirs' with Christ, who was the Anointed One, New Testament believers need to understand that they share in these anointings and should expect to function in them.

Originally delivered in 2003, The Hearing Ear has been added to this series due to the relevance it retains in encouraging the believer in accepting the truth that each individual was designed by God to hear Him speak.

As a believer learns to hear God, paradigms and mentalities are challenged in pursuit of entering into the fullness of what God is doing in the earth in these last days.

Understanding & Implementing the Prophetic in the Church
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