It is our privilege to provide these teachings to all who would desire to 
listen.  It is our belief that we have freely received the Word of God and
that we are to freely give that which has been committed to us.  These 
teachings may be downloaded, reproduced and distributed as desired but
never for resale.  Our prayer is that Christ may be revealed through the 
teaching of His Word.


The Christ Anointing Series
1.  The Christ Anointing - Introduction
2.  The Christ Anointing - Incarnation
3.  The Christ Anointing - Baptism
4.  The Christ Anointing - Consecration

Understanding & Implementing The Prophetic in The Church
1. The Prophetic Essentials Introduction
2. The Majesty of the Prophetic Transition
3. Realizing the Prophetic Transition
4. The Hearing Ear
      5. The Essential Prophetic Nature of the Church - Part One
​      6. The Essential Prophetic Nature of the Church - Part Two

Overcoming the Orphan Spirit
1. God Paradigm
2. God Revealed Through Creation
3. Origin of the Orphan Spirit
4. The Orphan Mentality
5. The Process of Identification

Developing a Reformational Mentality
1. Reformation Precedes Revival
2. The Lifestyle of Repentance
3. The Origin of the Seed
4. The Governmental Nature of the Seed
5. Kingdom
6. The Church of Reformation
7. The Corporate Expression of Christ

Matthew 6 - Seek First the Kingdom
1.   Introduction
2.   The Exceeding Righteousness of the Kingdom