Identity: We have no official man-made organization. We are simply members of living, growing organism called the Church and seek to connect and relate in the Spirit with other believers within their spheres on both a local and global basis.

Nature: Stronger and deeper than man-formulated structure and organization can provide,  we walk out the Kingdom together as God designs and directs. Each connection is joined, knit and linked to Christ, the Head of the Church, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father.

Relationship:  We believe that God’s primary building strategy is by relationship ~ first, vertically with Him, and then, horizontally among us. We affirm Jesus Christ as the only Head of the Church, which is His Body, that He is building and we are His bondservants.

Vision: To labor together in practical ways ~ connecting through relationships to expand the Kingdom of God, to serve God’s purpose in forming Christ in every believer, thus filling the earth with His government and glory.

Purpose: Our primary purpose is to facilitate individual and corporate growth, strategically impacting global missions through established relationships which are established and nurtured in local communities of believers, meetings such as round-table dialogues, conferences and expanding contacts through the website.

Connecting:  Any believer in the global community may be identified with this communion through an established relationship with a relating member of our ministry team and/or local elder who can testify to his authenticity, character and integrity.

Clarification: This approach is our way of protecting relational integrity for the purpose of co-laboring without developing an organizational structure.  We are keenly aware that we represent only a very small portion of the total global communion of the saints.  Our desire is to cross-pollinate with other expressions of Kingdom-seeking believers as the Holy Spirit creates opportunities.