Bryon Wiebold

I have been on a lifelong search for a relevant, biblical expression of the Church.  That journey has led me through mainstream denominational ministry, prominent worldwide, mega-church ministry and numerous "apostolic networks".  

In the last few years, The Forerunner Ministry has been assembled to equip, assist and train the Body of Christ through covenant relationships and accurate biblical patterns.

God has always intended to have the Body of Christ to function in maturity and according to the very nature of its' Head - Christ Jesus.

In order for this to be accomplished, God has removed all barriers from His people knowing Him through the finished work of Jesus Christ. 

Having been positioned in the heavens at the right hand of the Father, Jesus has sent back His Spirit that we all might receive the Christ Anointing that permits us to be accepted, identified and activated in the Church, which is His Body.  As we hold Christ in His rightful position, the Bible declares we receive what we need to be connected to one another and be the Church God has called us to be.

The Body of Christ is designed by God to build itself up in love and to develop into a powerful, accurate expression of God's purposes in the earth. First, in a local capacity and ultimately globally. This type of God-ordained function must and will occur according to God's means and methods; not according to man's plans or the world's wisdom.

The Church is a living organism; not an organization.  The Church 
is a called out, emancipated people who follow after God's heart 
and establish accurate, kingdom infused communities where Christ's 
love and nature are portrayed.  In short, people must learn to BE 
THE CHURCH and not just "go" to church.  

I have discovered over the years that the true value of the Church is found in the materials that Christ has purchased through His sacrifice - His people.  It is an honor to serve the Body of Christ and wash the feet of those who passionately pursue His purposes in the earth.

May God richly bless and build you,

Bryon Wiebold
The Forerunner Ministry
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