This Sunday Evening
July 26th
5:30 p.m.
Bryon Wiebold
Session One:

The introduction to The Kingship Anointing looked at God's prophetic declaration throughout Biblical history in declaring that there would be a King that would rise from the root of Jesse, after the lineage of David and according to the covenant God made with David.

In the Old Testament, Major Prophets predicted that The Branch would arise and exhibit different attributes.  The opening of the New Testament portrays Christ as fulfilling those prophetic utterances as the Gospels reveal Christ functioning as was prophesied hundreds of years beforehand.

In  understanding God's eternal purpose to exhibit Christ as The King, The Servant, The Son of Man and The Son of God it can be realized that God's intention is not just to execute dominion over man but actually incorporate man into spiritual government through The Anointing of Christ.

As The Gospel of Matthew portrays Christ as The King,  His message was "repentance" because the "kingdom was approaching" and His method of establishing The Kingdom was the cross!  The opportunity for believers to be engrafted into The Branch enables viable fruit to be produced that will truly advance The Kingdom, produce the Father's purposes and be accepted by the Father!

Session Two - The Way of The Kingdom

The Way of The Kingdom reveals the manner in which a believer sees/enters the Kingdom and the manner in which the Kingdom operates.

Jesus boldly declared that His Kingdom did not originate in this world but was of a spiritual order.  As such, the Kingdom functions and operates according to the place from whence it came and those who are truly seeking to enter the Kingdom learn to function in like manner.

Jesus promised that the Kingdom would be given to a nation of people who would produce the fruits of it.  This nation of Kingdom seekers must realize that the fruit that God will receive can only be produced by the very nature of Christ which they have been appointed to partake and share.

The nature of the King must be imparted and believers must be engrafted into the King's Spirit so that the Life that flows through them is according to His nature and not their own.  As King, Jesus declared that He was the Way - and if believers are to experience the Kingdom in fullness, then they must go the same way that the Way prepared. 

Session Three - The Way-The Truth-The Life                  
              Listen to Session Three

What was regularly schedule for Session Three was pre-empted by the Holy Spirit as fresh revelation regarding God's persistent intention to dwell in the midst of His people was released. 

Learn how God chose to move from "God in things" to "God in Christ" until ultimately His intention is to reveal "Christ in You".

A powerful time of prophetic ministry followed the teaching as those in attendance were encouraged, built up and edified in Christ!